Certikin To Take On Bermuda Distribution



Certikin to take on Bermuda distribution
18th December 2017

By Sandra Pearce
Aquatics manufacturer Certikin International is to distribute the Bermuda pond product range next year. The ownership, marketing and promotion of Bermuda brand will remain with Evolution Aqua.
Certikin International is Britain’s largest manufacturer and distributor of swimming pool equipment, and distributes German pond equipment brand Heissner along with water features and other pond and pool products to the UK market.
“We’ve had lots of interest from retailers keen to reinvest in Bermuda,” said Evolution Aqua’s sales director Phil Jolly. “So it makes sense to team up with a large company like Certikin, who have the space and logistics to do the brand justice.”
Certikin’s commercial manager Steve Nelson said: “We already work closely with Evolution Aqua in several areas of our business, and know the Bermuda brand is well respected. We also see huge potential to bring the brand back to the high status it reached in the water gardening industry a short while ago.”
Bermuda offers pre-formed ponds and watercourses, Blanketweed treatment, and has launched treatments such has Sludge Bomb, containing Evolution Aqua’s Pure technology. 2018 will see the return of Bermuda pond pumps and filters, pond liner, and treatments.
Sales of Bermuda will be headed up by Bob Meacham, who has ‘vast experience of the product range and brand, as well as the UK water garden market as a whole’.