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Cat-astrophic fall
21st April 2020

By Robert Ellis

A toy store worker was left in despair when a kitten destroyed a model that he had spent a week building.

The unnamed worker, from Thailand, was asked by a client to construct a model of a Doraemon – a character from the Japanese manga series of the same name – and spent hours painstakingly piecing together the 2,432-block figurine, reported the Mirror Online.

All was going well until a kitten decided to lend a paw.

The worker posted photos on Facebook of the model lying in pieces on the floor after the ginger cat knocked it over. The images show the kitten playing among the pieces and another of it being held by the worker in front of the mess.

Many viewers seemed to pay more attention to the ‘cuteness’ of the kitten rather than offer sympathies to the worker. 

One posted: “I have to be honest, my heart is melting!”