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Cat-astrophe averted
5th December 2018

By Robert Ellis

A kitten called Spock decided to ‘boldy go where no cat had gone before’ – and got his head stuck in a small hole in the back of a kitchen cupboard.

The 15-week-old male tabby, named after the Star Trek character due to his pointy ears, narrowly
avoided a live wire when he became stuck last month.

His owner, Heather Shiels, of Bolton, Greater Manchester, said: “I could only see his back end as his head was stuck in a small hole in the back of the cupboard where the plug for the dishwasher goes.
“I will never know how he even managed to get his head through, the hole is only about two or three inches wide.”

Heather and her husband, Paul, contacted the RSPCA when their attempts to free Spock were unsuccessful – and when the inspector was also unable to free Spock, fire and rescue were called out.
Officers used an electric saw and drill to carefully cut through the cupboard while avoiding any harm coming to the kitten.

“They came really quickly but it took them a good hour to safely cut Spock free,” said Heather.
“He was very lucky that he didn’t get electrocuted as well. I think he’s definitely used up one of his nine lives.”