News Casco Pet Brings Out New Aquatics Racks



CASCO Pet brings out new aquatics racks
8th February 2020

By Sandra Pearce

Global shopfitting specialist CASCO Pet has launched a Value Engineered aquatics rack.

Launched at AQUA 2019, the rack is now available to buy at £1,700 +VAT.

A spokesman said: “With two colour choices and an abundance of equipment included, this is ideal product for aquatic businesses looking for an affordable, easily installed system.

“CASCO Pet identified a need for high-quality engineering at an affordable price, making the VE range a revolutionary product to the market. The beauty of this rack is that everything you need to facilitate live fish is included, so it’s a simple case of install and go! What is immediately noticeable is the attention to detail and it is clear that for this price point, there’s nothing else on the market that compares or even reaches this standard.”

The rack features three tiers with compartment configurations of 3, 2, 3, and the aquariums sit within a welded aluminium frame. Every detail has been thought out, including waterproof power sockets above the sump on each rack.

Aquariums can be installed and removed from the front access, making maintenance easy and eliminating the need to dismantle any plumbing.

The rack includes a sump with pre-filtration socks and sponges, as well as a 30W UV steriliser, and two 300W heaters.