News Casco Launches Water Treatment Product



CASCO launches water treatment product
19th March 2019

By Sandra Pearce

CASCO PET has brought out a ‘quick and easy solution’ to maintain fish tanks and reduce fish mortality.

A spokesman said: “Available for both marine and freshwater fish systems, CascoPure is the only solution for water treatment and maintenance. You will notice a significant reduction in fish mortality, cost and labour.”

All users have to do is drop of single ball of CascoPure into the filtration section of each fish rack each month.

When the levels of toxins and waste in the water are higher, the ball will release enzymes and bacteria to start to break down ammonia and nitrates.

According to the company, cleaner water can mean a reduction of up to 50% in fish mortality. With a two-year shelflife, the product is said to rapidly mature new filters and aquariums and ‘eliminates toxic tank syndrome’.