Careful Whisper


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Careful whisper
10th July 2018

By Lloyd Lugsden

A dog rescued from a puppy farm has become a ‘kitten whisperer’.

Dennis the cockerpoo is known as the ‘fairy dogmother’ since helping his owners’ hand-rear and foster orphaned kittens.

RSPCA inspector Rosie Russon and her partner, Rebecca Kenny, from Kent, fell in love with the rescued pooch and adopted it.

Rosie said: “Dennis has an affinity with other animals and responds really well to being around dogs and cats. We think it’s because he came from a multi-animal environment and all his early experiences that were positive were due to other animals.

“Little kittens need their mothers to help them clean and toilet. Dennis  showed an interest right from the start and we were keen to introduce him and the kittens to each other from an early age so they’d get along as they grew up together.

“Dennis would always be interested in the kittens and started to take them under his wing. One day we let them interact and his instinct took over – he just started to clean them.”

Rosie and Rebecca have fostered more than 200 kittens.