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Canine’s critical conker complications conquered
13th April 2021

By Karen Pickwick

Swallowing a conker wasn’t one of Monty the Labrador’s best moves. It resulted in life-threatening internal complications but thanks to skilled teamwork at Davies Veterinary Specialists, the critically ill hound made a full recovery.

Within a couple of hours of seven-year-old Monty swallowing the conker he began to be very sick. He was taken to the vet where he was given an anti-nausea injection but later, he collapsed in the garden and was rushed to Vets4Pets in Milton Keynes.

Monty needed urgent surgery at his own vet practice to remove the conker but the obstruction had caused damage to his insides and after surgery he developed complications including cardiac arrhythmia and aspirational pneumonia and was admitted as an emergency to the intensive care unit at Davies Veterinary Specialists, the Hertfordshire-based small animal referral hospital.

“It was a very long and worrying couple of weeks, but Monty is a very determined dog and he eventually turned a corner,” the vet said. “He gained strength and no longer needed the feeding tube and to his owner’s delight we were able to discharge him just over two weeks after admission. He is now enjoying his normal life as if nothing had ever happened!”