Can T P P P Pick Up This Penguin


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Canít p-p-p-pick up this penguin
9th April 2018

By Lloyd Lugsden

Evidence of a giant penguin as big as a person has been discovered.

It would have stood at 5ft 8ins and weighed 16 stone, the same height as an average male but heavier. It was almost twice as tall and more than triple the weight of an emperor, the largest living penguin, which can grow to 3ft 3ins and weigh 66lb.

The fossilised remains were discovered in New Zealand and date back 60 to 55 million years ago, making it one of the first giant penguins, reported the Daily Mirror.

Named Kumimanu biceae, it lived during the late Palaeocene era.

The partial skeleton found included a thighbone, measuring more than six inches in length. From this find the German team that discovered it could estimate its size, which makes it one of the largest penguins found to date.