Brush With Coral Lands Family In Hospital



Brush with coral lands family in hospital
10th July 2017

By Sandra Pearce

A family in Australia has been admitted to hospital after being poisoned by toxins released from coral in their fish tank.

The parents and five children were admitted for treatment at Flinders Medical Centre in Adelaide after ingesting airborne spores released from coral that they had earlier scrubbed and cleaned.

All were reported as being in a stable condition.

The head of Sydney University of Technology’s Future Reefs research program associate professor David Suggett told The Advertiser such poisoning is extremely rare and that he had only anecdotal knowledge of toxins from coral affecting people.

He said the blame could not yet be levelled totally at coral and suggested the aquarium water should be analysed at a laboratory.

He said: “It depends what they had in their tank (because) a close relative of coral, called Zoanthids, are known to release toxins.’’