News Brits Spend An Average 70 000 On Pets



Brits spend an average £70,000 on pets
10th June 2015

By Karen Pickwick

New research by a money-saving website suggests that the average Briton will spend nearly £70,000 on keeping pets in their adult lifetime.

Dog-owners spend the most on their pets each year, followed by those with cats and then rabbits.

According to the study carried out for, Britons spend an average of £69,420.

The study polled 2,146 adults from around the UK as part of ongoing research into financial expenditure in different areas of adult life. All respondents were aged 18 and over and there was an approximately equal divide of different pet owners.

Respondents were initially asked: “How much do you spend on your pet, on average, per year?” While answering this question, respondents were urged to take into account everything from the cost of buying their pet food, cages/ housing, accessories and maintenance such as grooming, insurance or trips to the vet.

The average results, split into categories of pet type, were revealed as follows:
• Dog £1.9k
• Cat £1.2k
• Rabbit £850
• Goldfish (aquarium or pond) £510
• Small mammal (hamster, gerbil, etc) £310.                 

Based on the average life expectancy of each pet, researchers calculated the average lifetime spend on an animal throughout its lifetime. Results were as follows:
• Dogs (average lifetime 11 years) £20,900
• Cats (average lifetime 14 years) £16,800
• Rabbits (average lifetime 10 years) £8,500
• Goldfish (average lifetime 10 years) £5,100   
• Small mammal (average lifetime two years) £620

Respondents were asked to reveal which pets and how many of each they had and planned on having during their adult lifetime. The average response once all answers were taken into account was revealed to be two dogs, one cat, one small mammal and two goldfish during an adult lifetime. Based on this, researchers were able to calculate that the average Briton would spend £69,420 on pets during their lifetime.

Forty-two per cent of respondents admitted that they probably bought treats more often for their pet(s) than they did for themselves. What’s more, 12% admitted that they had gone into debt keeping their pet.

Nick Swan, of, said: “Britons seem to be spending a lot of money on their pets. Having a pet is a great privilege and really does make a difference to your life, in my opinion. I’ve got a cat called Carragher and he really is like another member of the family!

“I do, however, think that Britons should re-consider their pet spend. Almost £70k in a lifetime is a lot of money to spend. I know Britons want to treat their pets, but there are cheaper ways to do this.”