News Breaking Through The Frost Barrier



Breaking through the frost barrier
25th February 2019

By Sandra Pearce

A microbiologist at JBL has succeeded in making JBL products with living bacteria frost-proof.

Previously in frosty conditions, JBL bacteria starters were delivered using special polystyrene heat packs or, in very low temperatures, could not be delivered. This is now a thing of the past, says the German company.

Research and development has seen a lowering of the freezing point in the bacterial cells to -4 degrees Celsius, which ‘protects the cell membranes of the bacterial cells from any ice crystals and prevents any removal of water (dehydration)’, thereby counteracting the formation of ice crystals.

A spokesman said: “Degradation tests of ammonium and nitrite before and after freezing showed an identical degradation performance of 100%.”

This special preparation of the bacterial products applies to JBL Denitrol, JBL FilterStart, JBL ProCleanBac, JBL BactoPond, JBL FilterStart Pond.