Boxes Of Eight Boxes Of Eight



Boxes of eight, boxes of eight!
10th October 2017

By Karen Pickwick

African grey Hettie gets her beak into the new Marriage’s Nutri Bars.

Marriage’s new Super Food Parrot Snacks are now available to order after being unveiled at PATS Telford.

“Nutrition is essential to parrots but eating is about more than just the food,” said Lisa Osborne, of Marriage’s. “In the wild, foraging and eating form an essential role in entertainment, mental stimulation and exercise.
Marriage’s Nutri-Bars are designed to help birds recreate some of this natural behaviour, while being full of Super Foods to help enhance their diet.

“Birds will love to hold their food in their feet, often waving it around and showing it off like a new toy. The bars are perfectly sized and full of taste and texture to give your large, or smaller parrot a simple yet effective way to promote health and to offer a variety of beak, feet and tongue exercises and sensations.” 
The bars come in a shelf-ready outer box (eight bars per box, nine boxes per case). Each Inner box contains
 two Strength Bars – includes chia seed and nuts;
two Health Bars – includes goji berries, hemp and mung beans;
two Wellbeing Bars – includes cooked linseed, Chia Seed & Hemp;and two Vitality Bars – includes fruit and veg
 with a RRP £3.99.