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Born to be a fishtank!
1st August 2018

By Sandra Pearce
For pet warehouse worker Andy Tate, the sky’s the limit when it comes to creativity and aquatics – or in his case, a Nissan Micra. For he has just completed converting a Nissan Micra into an aquarium.
Lifelong fish enthusiast Andy used newspaper to make papier-mâché filler for the car, and then lined the car with glassfibre in a project that took 10 months. He has also installed LED lighting so it can be lit up – the car stands outside his home on a housing estate in Consett, County Durham.
He said: “It’s just an ordinary housing estate, and then you see this car outside a house. It is not what you expect.”
Andy has set up a You Tube channel, Dramatic Aquatics, which shows the conversion of the Nissan Micra and also hosts a number of how-to videos on various fishkeeping topics and shows the design and build of a tropical fish store. 
He also offers a design and installation service of ‘bespoke British-made luxury aquariums’ for businesses. He has previously made an aquarium from a polytunnel for Lanchester Garden Centre.
He said: “The car is a cross between a water feature, an aquarium, a fish tank and a pond. It’s taking my hobby a bit further.”
He contacted local firms and negotiated free materials from them. Burnopfield Metals donated the car, Stanley Autos Recovery delivered it to Consett while RCH Property Maintenance provided fibreglass and expanding foam and local graffiti artist Dan Walls spray painted the car.
AC Aquatics donated silicone for sealing up the windows, free chipboard was acquired from NESP in Harelaw, a filter and pump was donated by ALF with banners from Funky Frog Designs in Burnopfield.
He added: “I like challenges. Turning a car into a fish tank is something I have always wanted to do even as a kid.”