News Boris Gets Pet Shop S Vote



Boris gets pet shop’s vote
7th January 2020

By Robert Ellis

A cat that visits almost every store on its high street has been taken into the hearts of the community.

Boris, a three-year-old ginger cat, pops into a variety of shops on Queen Street in Wells, Somerset, where he snoozes in windows, on counters, in chairs and in storerooms and loves being stroked and given treats by customers and staff, reports the Metro.

One of the shops where Boris is a regular is Natural Pets of Wells, where he plays with the cat toys and perches up on the counter to keep an eye on the customers.

Heather Derrick, owner of Natural Pets, told the Metro: “Boris is one seriously entertaining cat who knows just how much his cuteness level can get him his own way. He is clearly very well fed and cared for by his owners but he still comes in most days trying to convince us he is starving.”

Boris’s owner has two other cats, Buttons and Boots, and says Boris always comes home in time for tea with his siblings.