News Blagdon Offers Two New Products For Ponds



Blagdon offers two new products for ponds
7th June 2021

By Justine Thompson

A leading UK pond specialist has created two new products to help tackle common pond problems.

Blagdon’s Wildlife Barley Straw Bugs are a new barley straw formula for treating ponds with green water, algae and blanket weed problems, providing an alternative to unsightly bales.

The ‘Bugs’ are harmless to filters and all species of pond fish and plants and fall outside the biocides’ regulation that can affect liquid barley straw products.

Glen Wright, new product development and regulatory manager at Blagdon, said: “Our new Wildlife Barley Straw Bugs are easy and quick to use and deliver natural results. They work like barley straw without the unsightly bales and the formula is pet- and wildlife-safe.”

Blagdon’s Clean Pond Pods are also effective against blanket weed and sting algae, as well as consuming sludge, making tap water safe for pond top ups and helping to feed aquatic plants. They may also reduce the need for pond filter maintenance.

Andrew Paxton, development manager, said: “Our Clean Pond Pods are an easy-to-use solution for some of the most common and frustrating problems garden pond and fish keepers, as well as those with wildlife, natural and swimming ponds, will have to face.

“Our unique formulation has been created as a result of our more than 50 years of experience manufacturing pond treatments and is safe for the natural environment. Our soluble pouches harmlessly dissolve, releasing the gentle active ingredients, allowing them to get straight to work.”