News Bird Sales Fly In Lockdown



Bird sales fly in lockdown
4th August 2021

By Karen Pickwick

The Parrot Society and bird food manufacturer Johnston & Jeff are issuing advice to help parrot owners manage their pets’ well-being as lockdown restrictions ease.

With around 800,000 companion birds being bought during the covid-19 lockdown, many will be used to human company all the time and will need to adapt to a quieter house as people return to work, they say.

“Although parrots are very intelligent and should soon get used to a new routine, spending extra time socialising with your parrot when you are at home could be the answer to ensuring a smooth transition,” said Les Rance, secretary of The Parrot Society.

Johnston & Jeff and the Parrot Society have enjoyed a long working relationship and have joined forced on this particular issue to ensure parrots receive the best of care.

Maddy Johnston, marketing and media manager at Johnston & Jeff, said it was important to look out for signs of stress in parrots, just in case they were struggling to adapt to a new routine.

“Even if it feels hard at first, and seeing your feathered friend in distress is upsetting, don’t lose hope,” she said. “Parrots are highly intelligent creatures and once they learn that you’re not leaving them for good, they should soon start to settle back into stress-free routine and return to being the wonderful companion you love.”

Richard Johnston, managing director of Johnston & Jeff, with office parrot JJ