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Big Fish Campaign returns
29th January 2019

By Sandra Pearce

The Biaze Big Fish Campaign, which aims to draw attention to the plight facing big fish species in the aquatics hobby, has been relaunched.

Beginning January 21, The Deep aquarium in Hull will start the ball rolling with the Big Fish Fortnight, offering activities and presentations to appeal to both adults and families, ‘generating awareness of the importance of reading all you can about your fish before bringing them into your home’.

A spokeswoman said: “Each year, British and Irish Zoos and Aquariums are inundated with requests to rehome animals that have ‘outgrown’ their home aquarium.

“In a bid to raise awareness of the larger freshwater species such as catfish, arrowana and silver sharks – to name just a few – the UK’s dedicated aquarium community will be hosting a number of engaging activities and events to separate fact from fiction when it comes to caring for fish.”

Joined by Buster, the life-size red-tailed catfish, the Big Fish Tour will be hitting the road on a mission to raise the profile of these aquatic giants and remind potential owners of the importance of research before committing to buy.

She added: “The campaign is not wanting to ban certain fish from sale or push for restrictive licensing, it’s quite the opposite. The aim of the campaign is to develop a more responsible attitude amongst fish keepers (both beginner and advanced), retailers and wholesalers/breeders and therefore increase the welfare of these tank-busting species.”