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Big cats, big fun
4th March 2019

By Robert Ellis

German toy manufacturer 4cats Heimtierbedarf has worked with Hamerton Zoo Park to develop supersized toys for its resident big cats.

The toys are made of strong sisal material and have been coloured with vegetable juice such as beetroot to ensure that they are not toxic. They are also filled with a mix of hay and contain valerian, intended to attract the big cats.

4cats marketing and communications manager Marc-André Runcie-Unger said: “When people think of tigers and lions they often think of vicious hunters that are not much into playing with toys. However, the relatives of our domestic cats are just like our smaller feline companions, very playful and intelligent…

“These toys are provided by 4cats free of charge as part of their efforts to support conservation projects of endangered species of wild cats and provide zoos in both Germany and the UK not just with a great toy for their big cats to play with but also give them a visitor attraction. Many visitors to Hamerton Zoo simply could not believe how much fun these big cats had with their toys and enjoyed seeing their antics.”