Bestpets Brings Out Own Label Litter



Bestpets brings out own label litter
3rd August 2018

By Karen Pickwick
Specialist wholesaler Bestpets has launched an own label cat litter to offer a lower cost, premium alternative to brands.
Bestpets Hygiene Cat Litter, which is available from all Bestpets depots in 20 litre bags, is 100% calcium silicate and provides high odour control, low dust content and a non-clumping formula. It is exclusively available to independent pet retail traders. 
Karen Hubbard, category manager for Bestpets, said: “Own label product quality has come on leaps and bounds over the past few years. There is no longer a stigma attached to own-label with many such products outscoring their branded equivalents. At Bestpets, we regularly benchmark our own-label products against leading manufactures to ensure that product quality is maintained throughout our extensive range of petcare products.
“Bestpets Hygiene Cat Litter is therefore a must-stock item for retailers looking to offer consumers the option of trading up from Bestpets Wood Based or Lightweight Cat Litter with the knowledge that they are offering a product from a trusted name. This brand new product will allow those within the independent pet retail trade a real point of difference by offering customers a premium product which is not available in the multiples. In launching a new own label product, exclusively available for independent pet retail traders, this again shows Bestpets commitment to supporting our customers and helping them to compete in challenging market conditions.”
The gold and black colourway of the packaging complete with a photographic image – rather than the usual Bestpets cartoon icons – has been designed for maximum on-shelf presence. Bestpets Hygiene Cat Litter has an RRP of £7.99 20L pack.