Behind The Scenes At A County Show



Behind the scenes at a county show
5th July 2018

By Karen Pickwick
CSJ’s roving reporter went behind the scenes at the Surrey County Show 2018 Sheepdog Challenge and produced a series of videos about the organisation, the people and the runs.
The first 19-minute video on is an overview of the whole day of the trial and encapsulates a humorous atmosphere between the handlers, organisers, and the judge. 
The banter between handlers and judge as he gives his briefing of the course sets the scene then excerpts from the runs are followed by the three competing Supreme Champion handlers, Aled Owen, James McGee, Ricky Hutchinson, plus the judge, Andy Jackman, giving their views of the trial in separate interviews.
As the fourth planned competitor was unable to attend Ricky Hutchinson also gave a brace demonstration with his renowned father and son duo, Jock and Sweep to the delight of the crowd.
The competition was in its second year and the hope is to make it an annual event.
Andy Jackman said: “Thanks to Ceri and CSJ for their support, it’s good publicity for the collie dog.”
To find out which of the three supreme champion handlers won the trophy watch