Bear Necessities


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Bear necessities?
31st January 2018

By Lloyd Lugsden

A bear has allegedly made off with various weapons.

Russian police are hunting a brown bear in Siberia that seems to have taken two guns from a hapless hunter. According to the Metro, the bear trashed a wood cabin and left with a Vepr carbine automatic rifle, which shoots 600 rounds per minute, and a shotgun as the hunter hid in the woods. The man had gone to the river when the animal broke in.

An Irkutsk police statement said: “He was hunting miles away from the nearest village and decided to stay at a forest cabin. He left his belongings in the cabin and went to get some water. On his return, he heard some suspicious sounds and spotted a bear.”

To avoid the animal, the hunter retreated to the woods, where he hid for a while. On return to the cabin, a bag and two guns were missing.

Bears will now be hibernating for the winter, so the bear could be asleep with the weapons.