News Beaphar Introduces Green Shampoo Range



Beaphar introduces ‘green’ shampoo range
8th September 2020

By Karen Pickwick

Building on the trend of consumer preference for natural alternatives and the ever-growing awareness of the environment, Beaphar has introduced the Beaphar BIO Shampoo Range.

The products are certified by Ecocert according to its Ecopetcare Standard, while the recyclable packaging is endorsed by the ‘I’m Green’ scheme.

“Living in a more sustainable and eco-friendly way has become a hugely important issue to consumers across the world and it’s something we as manufacturers are taking on board,” said Dr Sue Huggett, business manager, Beaphar UK.

 “Research shows that 84% of UK consumers say being environmentally friendly is important to them. The introduction of our new shampoos, which contain natural active ingredients and are packaged in recyclable tubes, means dog owners can make a more sustainable choice, providing care for both their dog and the environment.”  


The four shampoos all contain no parabens, silicons and colourants, include organically-produced aloe vera gel, and are enriched with ingredients from organic farming.

The range includes Beaphar BIO Puppy Shampoo, BIO Shiny Coat Shampoo,
BIO Sensitive Shampoo and BIO Shampoo & Conditioner.

The entire range is packed in recyclable bioplastic tubes made from sugarcane and carries the ‘I’m Green’ label. The sugarcane is farmed in an eco-friendly way, with any waste from the processing being converted to bioenergy. The sugarcane itself absorbs CO2 during its growth, helping to reduce greenhouse gases.

“The fact our shampoos are endorsed by and carry the seals of both these organisations means that pet retailers and dog owners alike can buy the products with confidence,” said Sue Huggett. “Retailers know they are supplying a high-quality and respectfully-produced product, while dog owners know they are using the best shampoo for their pet and for the environment.”

RRPs are £9.99 for 200ml.