News Bath Time Gives Duke Collie Wobbles


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Bath-time gives Duke collie wobbles
7th August 2018

By Sandra Pearce

Duke the collie had his first bath after RSPCA staff helped him conquer a fear of water.

He was terrified of everything when he first arrived at the centre in Cambridgeshire. Six-year-old border collie Duke was taken in by the charity’s Block Fen animal centre, where animal care assistant Serena Moore has been caring for him.

She said: “Duke and his four-legged friends were kept in poor conditions and he was really underweight.
“His coat was heavily matted and urine stained. It took me weeks to de-matt his coat and I found lots of wounds underneath the fur so I suspect he’d been picked on by the other dogs.

“When he first arrived he stank so he really needed a bath. I turned the tap on and he froze, he looked like he would die of fright.

“For two months I just used dry shampoo and carefully brushed and groomed him. I slowly started to introduce him to water and teach him that it wasn’t scary.”

Now Duke even enjoys bath-time!