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BanJaxed no longer thanks to charity
15th July 2021

By Karen Pickwick

A prison dog who was forced to retire early due to ill health is recovering at home after a hip replacement, paid for by the Thin Blue Paw Foundation.

The charity – launched last August to help support retired police dogs in their new homes – stepped in to help German shepherd Jax when his new owners discovered he would need the £7,500 hip replacement, which wouldn’t be covered by his insurance.

Jax worked at HMP Woodhill in Milton Keynes and loved it. His previous handler said: “He really enjoyed working and was very good at it. He was loved by everyone at the prison and was also the perfect pet at home.

“Sadly, we were only around a year into the job when I noticed Jax limping. I took him to the vet and they confirmed it was hip dysplasia. It was decided he would have to retire.”

Jax was returned to his breeder who set about finding him a new home and he thankfully caught the eye of a couple from Reading, Hannah Weston and her partner, Jamie Tempest.

They knew Jax could only go on short walks and needed regular physio and medication. Then he was attacked by another dog and his condition worsened considerably. “It was heartbreaking,”  said Hannah.  

Now, after the operation, Jax is going from strength to strength.

“He is the best pet you could ask for. He’s affectionate, fun, sweet, clever and, at times, a grumpy old man!” said Hannah.