News Aquascaping And Ponds Set The Trend For 2021



Aquascaping and ponds set the trend for 2021
6th April 2021

By Justine Thompson

Ibrahim Mefire Kouotou, managing director of leading aquarium manufacturer Eheim Group, shares with us his vision for the next year and beyond

What are the trends for the coming year?
IM: As EHEIM continues to focus on the international market, we have discovered different trends in different regions of the world. For example, we can see that in the USA the planted aquarium is becoming more and more popular. This is good for the hobby as the live plants play a very important role in the biotope. Live plants considerably reduce the problem of algae etc, make the aquarium more attractive and make the environment more natural for live fish. The trend is already ongoing in other parts of the world such as China, Japan, Europe, etc…
We are seeing more quality requests from consumers and many shops are getting more and more professional.
We are also seeing an uptick in the ponds market for medium-size ponds and so we have introduced more products in this segment over the last two to three years. The new EHEIM loop pro and the EHEIM beaster 180e are some of our latest innovations in the pond sector.

How are you overcoming any issues with covid-19/Brexit – if there have been any?
IM: Brexit has been a big issue concerning the UK market as the final agreement was signed at the last minute. It seems that no one was really prepared in the full supply chain queue and no one really knew what to do. Fortunately we were able to resolve these issues by the end of February 2021.
With regards to covid-19, the strategy we had in place before the outbreak helped us to keep our customers supplied. We maintain high stock levels so that we can deliver or produce our products when needed.

What advice can you give someone starting out in fishkeeping?
IM: For someone starting out in fishkeeping, I would recommend they aim their focus on quality and patience.
Fishkeeping is very exciting but a tank needs time to reach its full potential. Aquascaping is one of the trends I can recommend, as you can learn a lot about fishkeeping by Aquascaping an aquarium. We have designed an aquascaping tank specifically for this purpose.

What is the ethos of Eheim the company and its products?
IM: Honestly speaking, EHEIM has a set fundamental basis: ‘Quality, Service and Durability’. These can be seen as our DNA in everything we have developed or managed. From the beginning, EHEIM products were designed to be sustainable and long-lasting but, in the event something goes wrong, we offer a full range of spare parts that can be easily replaced by the customer.

What new products are you launching this year (if any)?
IM: As enthusiasts are already aware, EHEIM set a new milestone in the hobby with the EHEIM.Digital (WiFi Connectivity) Concept, which was well received worldwide by both consumers and retail professionals. We already have many products in this Concept, starting with the EHEIM prof5e, EHEIM CO2, EHEIM LED+, etc. All can be connected to interact with each other. We will continue with this successful strategy in the future.

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