News Aquarama 2018 Attracts 47 000 Visitors



Aquarama 2018 attracts 47,000 visitors
28th November 2018

By Sandra Pearce

China’s Aquarama 2018 event closed on a high note, having attracted more than 47,000 visitors over its four days.

The long-running global trade and consumer aquatics show moved to China three years ago after 26 years in Singapore.

A spokesman said: “During the first three trade days, 12,618 qualified buyers from 65 countries visited the event, showing strong interest in all represented exhibits: accessories manufacturers, fish exporters, international brands, solutions for large and public aquariums and aquaculture technologies.

“Overseas visitors represented 28.6% of all attendees. Exhibitors especially reported the high quality of buyers, including a significant number of leads from new markets and record orders placed on the show floor.”

Pet Fair Asia runs alongside the aquatics event and drew thousands more to Aquarama when it threw its doors open to hobbyists.

The spokesman added: “One of the key objectives for Aquarama in China is to build a new generation of aquarium lovers and develop brand loyalty among new hobbyists.

“Both the organizer and exhibitors put special efforts into developing interest among younger generations: several onsite activities were organized for kids and students, in particular a much-appreciated hands-on angling and discovery for the youngsters, fish photography trainings and many other on-site public seminars.

“Many exhibitors’ stands were partially reorganised overnight to switch from trade to branding functions.

There were a number of competitions for hobbyists and fish breeders as well as farm visits.

Aquarama 2019 runs from May 31 to June 2 in Guangzhou. With 30,000sq m (inclusive of Pet Fair Asia), more than 30,000 trade visitors and 40,000 public visitors area expected over the four days. More info: