News Aquaja Ups The Ante On Innovation



Aquaja ups the ante on innovation
19th March 2019

By Sandra Pearce

Aquatics firm Aquaja has set up a second company to focus on innovation and further development, Aquaja Innovations.

A spokesman said: “In the past years, Aquaja implemented many innovations in their products. In order to further develop and protect these innovations, Aquaja Innovations was founded.

“Aquaja Innovations will also focus on research and development within the pet and aquatic business in order to make further steps in our innovations.

“It will ensure that the customer can use sustainable and eco-friendly solutions. Besides the energy-savings, our solutions can also save a lot of money. Customers are often not aware of the possible savings with sustainable solutions.”

Such savings can mount up over the years, he said. For example, many customers may still be using fluorescent lights, whereas LED lighting can save around 20% without loss on output.

Apart from LED lighting, Aquaja Innovations can offer other efficient solutions such as low-energy air pumps and heating systems.

 The spokesman added: “Besides offering these solutions to new customers, for existing customers we also can offer energy- and money-saving solutions to replace older products.”