News Aqua One Brings Out A Whopping 360 New Products



Aqua One brings out a whopping 360 new products
28th October 2013

by Sandra Pearce

Aqua Pacific launched an astonishing 360 new lines at AQUA 2013, with the clear aim of taking its Aqua One brand into new areas, reflected in its slogan ‘New Opportunities, New Perspectives’.

Aqua One’s Adam Gates said: “These for many retailers will open up new growth areas that they either have not ventured into yet, or simply underachieve in.”

Recognising that the UK market is way behind many EU countries in the planted tank and Betta/shrimp segments, the company launched its Opti Plant and Betta tanks.

Opti Plant is a range of Opti White glass aquariums (RRPs from £59.99), CO2 systems, substrates, and the PlantGlo LED lighting, cabinets and accessories. Adam said: “The UK has a strong garden-loving public, one of the biggest in Europe. We also live in a country where our weather restricts how much of the year can be spent in the garden, so there has to be a percentage we could convince. Not everyone necessarily wants to take up fishkeeping as a hobby, but what about aquascaping?”

With the competitive entry-level pricing of quality products, the company is hopeful this will encourage more entrants. Promotions have been planned for the next 12 months.

The Betta shop display systems are already in many stores, he said, and have been added to its new four-level systems, to be sold at £449.

The Mono, Duo and Trio Betta tanks allow up to three Bettas to be kept in one water body, and are very popular in Australia. “One aquarium, three different worlds is another way to look at these trendy new tanks,” he explained, as the three compartments allow for three different aquascapes, or even fish species. Retail prices from £49.99-99.99.

Aqua One also put on show the AquaVis tanks, a striking, ultra-modern design with a price tag of £599 – the first shipment sold out at the trade show.

The UK-made Inspire cabinets were another highlight, in 30cm and 40cm sq ft prints, in oak and white gloss or walnut and black gloss finishes.

Adam said: “Another concept tried and tested in Australia by our parent company is the ‘Learner tank’ idea. We have rolled out this concept featuring the EcoStye 32 tank in black or white.”

Of course, mention must also be made of the jellyfish tanks. These are available in two sizes and in a variety of colours, with retail prices for the set of three at £18.99 and £23.99. “Retailers couldn’t get enough of them,” he added.