Api Relaunches Pond Treatments



API relaunches pond treatments
17th April 2018

By Sandra Pearce
Mars Fishcare is relaunching its API water treatments range, ensuring its products are safe for family pets, and says API is committed to the Mars Petcare mission of making ‘a better world for pets’.
According to a 2017 Google survey conducted by Mars Fishcare, all pond owners said they were concerned for their pets’ safety when using water treatments in their garden ponds. 
Gary Jones, R&D manager at Mars Fishcare, said: “The quality of API promises great results to hobbyists, along with the guarantee that our products are safe for pets and wildlife. We wouldn’t be abiding by the Mars Petcare mission of creating a better world for pets if we neglected to consider their safety and well-being in the development of our products.”
Treatments in the API Pond line include Melafix, Pimafix, Stress Coat, Algae Cure, AmmoLock, Accu-Clear, Pond-Zyme, and Ecofix, all of which help maintain healthy, clear ponds throughout the pond season.
He added: “API Pond treatments utilise innovative, research-driven solutions that make it easy to care for your pond. Most importantly, all API Pond treatments are non-toxic to pets, so if pond keepers use API Pond products and have a dog or cat that drinks from their pond, no harm will follow.”