Animals Die In Pet Shop Fire



Animals die in pet shop fire
7th November 2018

By Sandra Pearce

A number of animals – including a much-loved pet mascot, a cockatoo called Brolly – have died in a fire at the Isle of Wight Pet Centre, in Newport.

The Isle of Wight Pet Centre has been trading for more than 17 years. Five crews from across the island were called to the shop shortly after 11pm on Monday, November 5. The fire, which is thought to have been due to an electrical fault, was out by 12.45am.

On its Facebook page, the pet store said: “We are so incredibly overwhelmed with the kindness and community spirit of everyone today.

“Our sole priority today was helping the surviving animals, and getting them settled, checked over and housed.

“Today has been...beyond words, but it has been eye opening at just how wonderful the island is at supporting one another. The staff, owner, friends and family are distraught, we loved our animals like they were our own. Each loss has broken a piece of our hearts.

“We have had many losses, but we also managed to save many lives today. Among the lives lost was our amazing, sweet, noisy boy Brolly – we know a lot of the island is feeling his loss as much as we are right now. So fly high Brolly boy. You live on forever in everyone's memories.

“We’d like to thank Maidenhead Aquatics, for taking our marine fish, The Mobile Vets, Pets at Home, Isle of Wight zoo, Mr Wally Awol and numerous others who have offered help and donations. And of course the wonderful Sue at Pets at Rest. Thank you also to those who have donated on the Go Fund Me, we are beside ourselves with gratitude, just thank you, every single one.

“Tragedies happen every day but you never think they will happen to you. Once again we appreciate all the offers of help.

“But tonight..,we mourn our lost animals.”

Friends and customers of the shop have launched a GoFundMe page to help. It can be found at