News Animal Rights Group Targets Betta Sales In The Us



Animal rights group targets betta sales in the US
28th November 2018

By Sandra Pearce

OATA has responded to an article in National Geographic about betta fish and a PETA campaign to stop its sale in US pet stores.

An Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association spokesman said: “Despite what the story says we were not asked for a comment.

“Our advice to our members is always to follow the Primary Authority advice we asked the City of London Corporation to provide a few years ago about this very issue.

“Our view is that any pet shop should provide good accommodation that does not compromise the fish’s welfare. As the advice says, ‘a reputable retailer should endeavour to keep their stock in the best conditions possible, despite any tolerance of a species to poorer conditions’.

“Good water quality is always key although the advice also outlines the minimum sizes of display tanks. It also makes clear male betta should not be able to see each other.

“Through the pet shop/animal activities licensing regimes within the UK all shops selling animals are expected to be knowledgeable about the species they sell and give customer information.”

Animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has launched the campaign ‘to highlight the problems with Siamese fighting fish (betta) sales and ownership’, and is pushing to end the sales of betta fish at US pet chain PETCO.

PETA cites concerns about the bettas’ treatment at breeding centres, during transportation, as well as once they’re in people’s homes. It held its first protest in San Diego last month.

 “Ideally we’d like to see no animals sold in pet stores,” PETA member Tricia Lebkuecher said. “But we’re focusing on bettas at the moment because they’re routinely subjected to insufficient care, because of the way PETCO markets them.”