News Animal Rescues Still Struggling



Animal rescues still struggling
14th July 2021

By Karen Pickwick

Royal Canin and the Association of Dogs and Cats Homes (ADCH) are highlighting the plight of animal rescues, animal charities and pet food banks that are struggling due to the pandemic.

Covid restrictions halted fundraising so many saw their incomes dramatically reduced and, although the end of lockdown is now in sight, many rescues’ finances are in dire straits after more than a year of restrictions.

The association represents 153 rescues and charities across the UK and Ireland. ADCH surveyed its members three times during the pandemic to assess the impact of covid on the rescue sector. It found that animal rescue centres had lost up to half their income and many had downsized their staffing due to funding pressures though no rescue has yet had to close.

Giles Webber, chair of ADCH, said: “We knew from our surveys that rescues were finding it difficult with the closure of shelters and outside fundraising events so ADCH immediately set up a grant system that distributed 54 grants to struggling rescues totalling more than £300,000.


“While many organisations had to downsize their staff levels, we are delighted that none so far have closed which is testament to their resilience and the hard work of ADCH.”

Royal Canin has supplied over £200,000 of food to more than 250 rescues and food banks – large and small – across the UK and Ireland during the last year to help them through the challenging times.

Suzy Roffey, national sales manager PRO, Royal Canin said: “All of us at Royal Canin are so proud to be able to support these rescues that work so hard to care for and rehome abandoned pets.

“We know what a difficult time it has been for them and are pleased we could help. We’ve also been supporting animal food banks to support pet owners that have struggled financially during the pandemic so they don’t have to surrender their much-loved pets to rescues, which are already under huge pressure at the moment.”