News Animal Charity Teaches First Aid



Animal charity teaches first aid
11th September 2018

By Karen Pickwick

The Royal Veterinary College’s registered charity, The Animal Care Trust, is opening the doors of the college’s small animal hospitals to members of the public interested in learning about pet first aid.

Pet-owners who want to master the basics of how to help their animals in an emergency can attend first-aid training days on September 22 at the RVC’s Hawkshead campus in Potters Bar, or on November 17 at the RVC’s campus in Camden, North London.

The sessions, which have proved popular in previous years, will be informative and interactive and cover all sorts of emergency situations. Attendees will also have the chance to quiz the RVC’s team of nurses and clinicians, who are running the events, on any aspects of animal care in critical situations.

Nadja Hale, Head of Fundraising for the ACT, said: “This fantastic event is an opportunity for dedicated pet owners to help their pets the best they can, whilst also supporting their local charity.”