And Baby Makes Two



And baby makes two
7th November 2017

By Sandra Pearce

Born Free’s wild orca Springer has given birth to her second calf.

Springer lives off Hanson Island, in Canada’s Johnstone Strait, after being rescued as a two-year-old in 2002 by Born Free-supported whale research project OrcaLab.

OrcaLab founder Dr Paul Spong said: “This is so exciting and totally reinforces our belief that Springer has found a secure place in her family and community. When she was lost and alone after her mum died in 2002, she was the last of her matriline and it was about to disappear forever.

“Now she is well on the way to developing a matriline of her own. What an inspiring story she is, teetering on the brink 15 years ago, and now totally secure.”