Ancol Launches Luxury Coat Care Range



Ancol launches luxury coat care range
12th October 2017

By Karen Pickwick

Ancol Pet Products has introduced a luxury coat-care range, with five new shampoos fragrances scented with exotic essential oils including ylang ylang, jojoba, peppermint and coconut.

“Together with a green-tea conditioner and coconut detangling spray to soften and detangle longer coats, this is an excellent offering for your customers,” said director of sales Sarah Lane.

The range is sodium lauryl sulphate-free to be sensitive on the skin and, as many consumers have expressed concerns about parabens in both human and canine products, Ancol has formulated the luxury coat care range without parabens.

Sarah said: “Our new luxury shampoos have the added benefit of being SLS and paraben-free and smell absolutely wonderful. Following consumer feedback, we have introduced a conditioner and de-tangling spray for dogs with longer coats. We are confident that the new stand will be a hit with our customers.”

The complete range can be supplied with a display stand and includes all five shampoo fragrances along with conditioner and de-tangling spray or can be supplied simply as individual bottles.