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Ancient secret hidden in ’gator’s stomach
19th January 2022

By Karen Pickwick

A man caught a huge alligator and later discovered that it had eaten an ancient artefact that had been undiscovered for 6,000 years.

The hunter captured the 13ft reptile, which weighed a whopping 53 stone (750lb), and took it to Shane Smith and fellow hunter John Hamilton.

The pair then dissected the alligator – caught in Mississippi – and in its stomach found an ancient arrowhead and plummet, the Daily Star reports.

Initially, they thought maybe the alligator had been shot with the arrow but then they realised it was far too old, and a local geologist was able to deduce that it was used by native Americans as fishing weights during the Archaic Period.

Alongside the ancient findings, the stomach was home to fish bones, feathers, balls of hair and stinky bile liquid.