News Amanda Gets Her Claws Into New Venture



Amanda gets her claws into new venture
6th November 2019

By Karen Pickwick

While enjoying a curry with her husband, Amanda Peel had a light bulb moment and so started a new business venture, the Basingstoke Gazette reported.

While dining at Tadley Tandoori and discussing business plans, the conversation turned to the vacant unit downstairs from the curry house – and within three months Claws N Paws was open.

“It is only a small store, but there is a lot in there and we have plenty to offer our customers,” Amanda, 41, told the Hampshire newspaper.

“It is really busy all the time, whether it’s helping a customer in store or dealing with the stock we need and placing orders, there are days when you hardly get a moment to sit down.


“But the response to opening the store has been amazing, and all the customers have been wonderful and given really nice comments about the shop.”

This is a completely new venture for Amanda, who up until two weeks before opening the store was working as an officer manager and had worked in accounting her entire working life.

She is no stranger to pets, however, being the owner of two miniature dachshunds, three chickens, an indoor aquarium with tropical fish and a pond for koi carp.

“I am by no means a dog nutritionist, but I am quickly learning the things I know,” she said. “There have been times when I have relied on the knowledge of some of the customers, but they have been supportive and can see that I am passionate and learning on the job.”