Aliens In The Attic


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Aliens in the attic
7th July 2017

By Karen Pickwick

Wasp season arrived early in an abandoned attic in Hampshire when the insects made it their domain.

According to The Metro,  pest controller Shane Jones said he had never seen anything like it during his career. There were 10 large nests, the smallest the size of a football and one about a metre tall. Luckily, most of the nests were empty, though one still contained thousands of live wasps.

“The room looked like a scene from the film Alien,” Shane said.

The Australian, who moved to Basingstoke 10 years ago, said: “It was incredible. Wasp season is coming and this is going to get everyone interested in them again. Though the thing that scares me most are crocodiles, not wasps – and thankfully there aren’t too many crocodiles in Hampshire.”