African Dwarf Crocodiles Turn Sweet 16



African dwarf crocodiles turn sweet 16
2nd January 2018

By Sandra Pearce

It might be the world’s most unusual ‘sweet 16 party’ but staff at Great Yarmouth Sea Life Centre were determined to mark the 16th birthday of their African dwarf crocodiles in style.

Twin sisters Ntombi, meaning ‘lady’ in Zulu, and Masozi, meaning ‘tears’, turned 16 years old on October 4, and were treated to a present of their favourite meats in an eco-friendly gift box.

Tearing into the eco-friendly box provided a stimulating enrichment activity for the lightning-fast hunters, who have a bite pressure of 1,200lb per square inch - twice as powerful as a great white shark.

“We had to move pretty quickly to get the present in there,” said Darren Gook, lead aquarist at the Great Yarmouth Sea Life Centre and carer for Ntombi and Masozi. “The girls can accelerate up to 28 miles-an-hour in the blink of an eye and we had a box of all their favourite foods, which they could smell a mile off!”

The sisters arrived at the Great Yarmouth Sea Life Centre in 2010. Their presence has done much to raise awareness about the endangered status of African dwarf crocodiles living in the wild in western and central Africa, where they are hunted for their skin and meat, and suffer habitat destruction through deforestation.