News Advanced Filter System Speeds Up Maturation



Advanced filter system speeds up maturation
28th September 2020

By Justine Thompson

Evolution Aqua has launched an advanced new filtration system to further enhance its leading koi pond filters.

Nexus320+ and Nexus220+ filters now come with a new filter media called K+Media in the moving bed outer chamber, for vastly improved biological filtration and faster filter maturation.

Plastic media, for use in biological pond filters – specifically in moving bed bio-reactors – was pioneered by Evolution Aqua some 20 years ago. In recent years, other plastic media have come onto the market, usually with the aim of trying to get more and more surface area. However, one drawback to using plastic media has always been the time it takes to establish a stable biofilm – essential for good filtration.

After many years of research, Evolution Aqua has now developed a new media that gives class-leading surface area and overcomes the problem of long maturation times.

K+Media is designed and manufactured in the UK by Evolution Aqua with minerals and enzymes added to the raw material. This offers class-leading performance and answers the problem of how to speed up the time taken to mature the filter.

The Nexus+ filter is a biological and mechanical filter system in one. It can be easily installed on gravity-fed or pump-fed set ups. Automatic cleaning upgrade kits are also available.