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Acting the goat
19th September 2018

By Lloyd Lugsden

Wild goats have been causing chaos in an Irish town.

The goats have been running through the Irish county of Clare, jumping on cars, wandering on to highways and even electrocuting themselves.

The 22 goats are reported to be ‘procreating like there is no tomorrow’, requiring councillors at County Clare to come up with a way to manage them, the Irish Mirror reported.

The goats have been living on the Kilrush Road for 20 years but have recently begun causing a nuisance.
Clare councillor Mary Howard said local residents didn’t want to see the goats put down, instead suggesting relocation of the herd or castration to stop the rapid breeding.

The council plans to contact animal sanctuaries and welfare groups to consider the capture and removal of the goats from the area.

Meanwhile, it will install signs to warn drivers about the goats in the west of Ireland town.