News Act Now To Stop Firework Stress Say Vets



Act now to stop firework stress, say vets
8th October 2020

By Justine Thompson

Owners need to take early action to avoid pets’ distress over fireworks, the British Veterinary Association (BVA) has urged.

It is also concerned about other occasions when there can be loud bangs and blasts, such as Halloween, Diwali and New Year’s Eve.

The advice comes amid fears there may be an increase in unregulated backyard fireworks this year as official displays are limited by covid-19 restrictions.

In a survey conducted by BVA in 2018, around one in 14 vets across the country reported seeing animals with firework-related injuries over the previous year, with equine vets significantly more likely to report such cases (19%).

By far the most commonly reported cases were self-injuries caused by firework-related anxiety, such as fractures in horses that had bolted from their fields or tooth injuries to dogs from chewing furniture.
The negative impact isn’t restricted to noise levels - the debris and remnants of fireworks and paper lanterns in fields and surrounding countryside can also pose a serious risk of injury to livestock, wildlife and zoo animals.

BVA Senior Vice President Daniella Dos Santos said: “The loud noises and bright flashes from fireworks can be extremely traumatic for animals, from dogs, cats and rabbits to livestock, horses, wildlife and zoo animals. While covid-19 restrictions may lead to the cancellation of official displays, we are worried about a rise in the number of backyard celebrations.

“We’d encourage pet owners and livestock keepers to consult with their vet as far in advance as possible to discuss management and treatment options, which may include noise de-sensitisation techniques, applying pheromone products around the house, and preparing a ‘safe place’ for animals.”