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A very paw effort
18th February 2020

By Robert Ellis

An obese cat has become an online sensation after a video of its lacklustre workout effort went viral.

Cinderblock, from Washington, USA, weighing 9.5kg (21lb), was taken to a veterinary hospital that has a treadmill at its practice.

It was decided it was time to put her through her paces, but it was not long after first being introduced to the treadmill when Cinderblock was filmed sitting down and using just one paw on the belt.

Medical director Brita Kiffney said: “Her first trip on the underwater treadmill went viral and she wasn’t really enjoying herself using only one foot; the second time she was a more willing participant.”

The on-going exercise process has been documented online. Cinderblock now has more than 3,300 followers on Instagram and more than 8,600 subscribers on YouTube.