News A Rainbow In Your Tanks



A rainbow in your tanks
17th December 2019

By Sandra Pearce

Specialist substrates, a supplier of responsibly-derived sands, gravels and stone products, brought more than 120 new products to AQUA 2019.

A spokesman said: “In making our debut, we will launch the UK’s most comprehensive range of both natural and coloured substrates, now for the first time in eye-catching ‘Ready for Retail’ packaging.

“The high-strength ‘grab bag’ with product reveal and carry handle allows for ease of customer selection and maximum uplift.”

Among the products on display was the eye-catching Rainglow Fluorescent Gravel Range (pictured). The spokesman added: “Using safe non-toxic colourfast resins and DayGlo pigments, natural gravels are transformed into a kaleidoscope of ultra-bright colours including BrightToes Pink and SugarFlame Orange mix.”