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A picture says it all…
10th July 2019

By Sandra Pearce

JBL has brought out a set of pictograms to show at a glance which JBL water test is needed for which aquarium set-up.

A spokesman said the pictograms ‘show at a glance whether the test is suitable for freshwater, marine water and/or ponds’.

He said: “These pictograms are repeated on the colour bars of the colour charts where you read the recommended ranges. The colour change tests (GH, KH, Mg/Ca) now also include a syringe so you can measure the correct amount of water easily and accurately.”

In addition, JBL has launched a Nitrat-Test (NO3).

New POS material is available to retailers – the posters show the new colour charts with instructions and their recommended ranges of application. Each is 100 x 37cm, is waterproof laminated and comes with adhesive strips.