News A New Way To Cleany Teeth



A new way to ‘cleany’ teeth
22nd February 2019

By Robert Ellis

Pet Trade Innovations has introduced two new products to the UK market.

The Cleany Teeth Dog Tooth Brush uses ultrasound technology to clear out bacteria and sweep away tartar build-up. The toothbrush comes with Ultrasound Toothpaste Gel, intended to provide a deep antibacterial cleaning and anti-inflammatory effect.

Also unveiled is the Pedaldish that keeps pet food in a sealed container. A cat or small dog can open the lid by stepping on to the ramp. Inside, there is a shallow bowl for a single portion of meat and a deeper bowl for larger meals. In hot weather, meat can be kept cool by adding ice to the deep bowl.

An added feature of the Pedaldish is that its design raises the food off the floor, designed so pets don’t have to crouch, easing digestion.