A Case Of Mistaken Identity


Weird and Wonderful

A case of mistaken identity
16th May 2018

By Lloyd Lugsden

A sheep has been taking lessons on how to be a lamb.

Marley the sheep appears to think he’s a dog, hates the cold and doesn’t know how to eat grass!

The Valais Blacknose Valley lamb was orphaned and taken in by a family and became best friends with their dog, Jess. Marley now needs lessons on being a sheep, rather than lying in front of the fire. He eats from bowls and goes out for family walks.

Owner Ali Vaughan saw an advert from a local farmer for an orphaned sheep and she had to have him. The family was taught how to feed Marley with a bottle but within two weeks, Marley contracted joint-ill, a common cause of lameness in lambs where joints can be infected and swollen. He needed constant care. Due to his limited mobility, Ali bought Marley his own dog bed. Then, just when they thought they might have to put him down they tried him on a course on antibiotics.

Luckily, he was soon back to his old self – though he had developed a dislike of the outdoors!
The family has acquired another sheep called Bear as a companion for Marley and to encourage him to go outside.