A Bit Of Salt Goes A Long Way



A bit of salt goes a long way…
9th May 2018

By Sandra Pearce
Waterlife has brought out a tonic salt that can be used in ponds.
A spokesman said: “While pond fish are not found in salt water, there are many positives for having background levels in a garden pond. 
“Low levels of salt in ponds are recommended for the uptake of oxygen and the release of carbon dioxide across the gills. Stress can result in a reduction of electrolytes and the fishes’ ability to get rid of carbon dioxide and ammonium. 
“Salt will also help to block nitrite uptake through the gills in situations where the filter has failed, overfeeding has occurred or in new ponds. 
“Recent research suggests nitrate up take in, freshwater fish is also lowered in the presence of salt. Salt also enhances the production of fishes’ body mucus, and mucus shedding is a natural way of fighting disease for fish. 
“Many parasites and pathogens do not like the addition of salt to water, and salt will also cleanse wounds. Salt reduces the point at which pond water freezes in winter. And finally, low levels of salt are beneficial to filter bacteria, enhancing filtration efficiency.”
The 10kg PondSal has a launch RRP of £10.60, and packaging contains simple-to-follow instructions.