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A bedroom for a sleepy sloth
7th October 2019

By Robert Ellis

A couple have transformed the spare bedroom in their home so it is ‘perfect’ for their pet sloth.

Jenni and Terry Koenig, from Wisconsin, in the US, have three children and the entire family dotes on the six-year-old mammal, Enzo, who was bred in captivity.

Jenni bought the sloth online for $5,911 (£4,520) a year ago after longing for one since she was a child, reported the Mirror.

She did some research and found that they needed a warm and humid environment to live in.

After the couple spent $494 (£380) on equipment, the spare room was fitted with an infra-red heater and cool mist humidifier, along with ropes and towers for Enzo to climb on.

When she picked Enzo up, Jenni said: “Bringing him back in the car inside a crate, I remember feeling excited, but so nervous about looking after him.

“I’d wanted a sloth for so long and we’d done everything we could to make our home right for him.

“But you just have to hope it works out.”

The two-toed sloth is now settled in, although the family say they are still working on getting him fully domesticated.

Enzo is not the most unusual family member either as the Koenigs have a number of other exotic pets at the house including sugar gliders, a hedgehog and giant Flemish rabbits.