World Feeds Launches Cichlid Flakes



World Feeds launches cichlid flakes
5th February 2018

By Sandra Pearce
Nutrition specialist World Feeds has launched Vitalis Rift Lake Green Cichlid Flakes.
A spokesman said: “The new Cichlid Flakes boast the same tailored, spirulina-rich formulation as the pellets, but they are designed to provide a method of feeding small and juvenile cichlids with lower protein requirements. 
“Importantly, the latest Vitalis Cichlid Flakes have the added versatility that they can be left large for feeding bigger fish when required. The balanced flakes also deliver key nutrients from a blend of high quality algae, and incorporate natural pigments to achieve healthy fish colouration.”
The product will feed tropheus and many mbuna species, including labeotropheus, labidochromis, melanchromis, metriaclima and pseudotropheus tropheus, and come in three sizes: 30g, 90g and 200g.